Публикации заказчиков по результатам исследований, проведенных с использованием сверхвысоковакуумного СТМ GPI 300  

I. University of Florence, Chemical Department (Italy, Florence)

1. Atrei A, Ferrari AM, Szieberth D, Cortigiani B, Rovida G. Lepidocrocite-like structure of the TiO2 monolayer grown on Ag(100) . PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS   V. 12   n. 37   P. 11587-11595 (2010)
2. Finetti P, Caffio M, Cortigiani B, Atrei A, Rovida G. Mechanism of growth and structure of titanium oxide ultrathin films deposited on Cu(001). SURFACE SCIENCE. V.602 n. 5 P. 1101-1113 (2008) 
3. Caffio M, Atrei A, Cortigiani B, et al. STM study of the nanostructures prepared by deposition of NiO on Ag(001). JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER   V.18  n.8  P.2379-2384  (2006)
4. Kurzina I, Shevlyuga V, Atrei A, et al .Step rearrangement upon low pressure oxidation of the Pt3Ti(510) surface: A study by scanning tunneling microscopy. SURFACE REVIEW AND LETTERS  V. 10   n. 6  P.861-866 (2003)
5. Kroger J, Kuntze J, Atrei A, et al. Adsorption geometry of sulfur on Ir(110)-c(2 x 4)S. SURFACE SCIENCE   V. 539  n. 1-3   P. L537-L541 (2003)

II. Institute of Solid State Physics RAS (Russia, Chernogolovka)

1. Chaika A. N.; Nazin S. S.; Semenov V. N.; et al. Selecting the tip electron orbital for scanning tunneling microscopy imaging with sub-angstrom lateral resolution. EUROPHYSICS LETTERS  V.92, n.4, 46003 (2010)
2. Chaika AN, Semenov VN, Glebovskiy VG, et al. Scanning tunneling microscopy with single crystalline W[001] tips: High resolution studies of Si(557)5 x 5 surface. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS   V.95   n.17, 173107  (2009)
3. Chaika AN, Fokin DA, Bozhko SI, et al.Atomic structure of a regular Si(223) triple step staircase  SURFACE SCIENCE   V.603   n.5   P752-761 (2009)
4. Chaika AN, Fokin DA, Bozhko SI, et al. Regular stepped structures on clean Si(hhm)7x7 surfaces JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS   V.105   n.3  034304   (2009)
5. Chaika AN, Nazin SS, Bozhko SI Selective STM imaging of oxygen-induced Cu(115) surface reconstructions with tungsten probes SURFACE SCIENCE   V.602   n.12   P. 2078-2088   (2008)
6. Chaika AN, Myagkov AN Imaging atomic orbitals in STM experiments on a Si(111)-(7x7) surface CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS   V.453   n.4-6   P.217-221   (2008)
7. Murphy S, Radican K, Shvets IV, et al. Asymmetry effects in atomically resolved STM images of Cu(014)-O and W(100)-O surfaces measured with MnNi tips  PHYSICAL REVIEW B   V.76   n. 24, 245423 (2007)
8. Chaika AN, Semenov VN, Nazin SS, et al. Atomic row doubling in the STM images of Cu(014)-O obtained with MnNi tips  PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS   V. 98   .n. 20 206101  (2007)
9. Chaika AN, Bozhko SI, Ionov AM, et al. STM and LEED studies of atomically ordered terraced Si(557) surfaces SEMICONDUCTORS   V. 41   n.4   P.431-435  APR (2007)

III. Prokhorov General Physics Institute RAS (Russia, Moscow)

1. Arapkina Larisa V.; Yuryev Vladimir A. An initial phase of Ge hut array formation at low temperature on Si(001).  JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS  V.109 , n.10, 104319  ( 2011)
2. Arapkina Larisa V.; Yuryev Vladimir A. CMOS-compatible dense arrays of Ge quantum dots on the Si(001) surface: hut cluster nucleation, atomic structure and array life cycle during UHV MBE growth.  NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS  V. 6 ,  345   (2011)
3. Arapkina Larisa V.; Yuryev Vladimir A.; Chizh Kirill V.; et al.Phase transition on the Si(001) clean surface prepared in UHV MBE chamber: a study by high-resolution STM and in situ RHEED. NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS  V.6,   218  (2011)
4. Arapkina L. V.; Yuryev V. A.; Shevlyuga V. M.; et al. Phase transition between (2 x 1) and c(8 x 8) reconstructions observed on the Si(001) surface around 600A degrees C JETP LETTERS  V.92   n. 5    310-314 (2010)
5. Arapkina LV, Yuryev VA. Classification of Ge hut clusters in arrays formed by molecular beam epitaxy at low temperatures on the Si(001) surface PHYSICS-USPEKHI   V. 53   n. 3   P. 279-290   (2010)
6. Arapkina LV, Yuryev VA. Nucleation of Ge quantum dots on the Si(001) surface  PHYSICAL REVIEW B   V. 82   n.4 045315   (2010)
7. Arapkina LV, Yuryev VA Atomic Structure of Ge Quantum Dots on the Si(001) Surface JETP LETTERS   Volume: 91   n.6   P. 281-285   (2010
8. Feklisova OV, Yakimov EB, Arapkina LV, et al. Capacitance investigation of Ge nanoclusters on a silicon (001) surface grown by MBE at low temperatures  PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER   V.404   n. 23-24   P. 4705-4707  (2009)
9. Yuryev VA, Arapkina LV. Defects of Ge quantum dot arrays on the Si(001) surface Source: PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER   V.404   n. 23-24   P.4719-4722  (2009)
10. Arapkina LV, Shevlyuga VM, Yuryev VA . Structure and peculiarities of the (8xn)-type Si(001) surface prepared in a molecular-beam epitaxy chamber: A scanning tunneling microscopy study JETP LETTERS   V. 87   n.4   P. 215-219   (2008)

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