Our Customers

1. University of Florence, Chemical Department (Italy, Florence).

2. Institute of Automation and Control Processes of Far Eastern Branch of RAS (Russia, Vladivostok).

3. Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (Russia, Novosibirsk).

4. Institute of Solid State Physics RAS (Russia, Chernogolovka).

5. Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics (Russia, Moscow).

6. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute RAS (Russia, St. Petersburg).

7. Prokhorov General Physics Institute RAS (Russia, Moscow).

8. Institute of Metallurgy, Ural Branch of RAS (Russia, Ekaterinburg).

9. Bashkirian State University (Russia, Ufa).

10. Physics and Technique Institute, Ural Branch of RAS (Russia, Izhevsk).

11. Synchrotron Radiation Ring in Kurchatov Institute (Russia, Moscow).

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