UHV LABORATORY setup to create 1-10 nm nanostructures on the surface of metals and semiconductors

This project aims to develop a new class of tools for nanotechnology, a lab-level setup to create surface nanostructures, including electronics functional elements, with desired properties and to develop basic methods and processes to facilitate research. It is going to combine a scanning probe and a scanning electron microscopes, gas inlet and solid evaporation cells with precision control systems, cooling and heating of the samples, ion sources, a mass spectrometer, digital systems for process control and measurement, and technological maps. The basic technological operations are local etching, doping and/or deposition in the zone where the STM probe influences active gas molecules (halogens, organometallic compounds and metal hydrides), adsorbed on the surface of such materials as Si, GaAs, Cu, Ag, Au, Fe, Ni.

Rapid development of nanotechnology requires an ability to create and manage dedicated nanoelements with specific functionality in controlled and reproducible conditions. This class of equipment will be instrumental in developing any technological processes or simulating nanosystems.


Download a general description of the project (in Russian):

icon GPI SPM/technology (152 kB)

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